Guest Program

Practice Guidelines for Guests at ZCLA Great Dragon Mountain

ZCLA Great Dragon Mountain welcomes guests with an interest in Zen practice and community. The Guest Program is limited to a one month stay only. Also, please know the Guest Program is not available during our January Bare Bones month. All guests must live in respectful compliance with the Zen Center’s regulations and community. Our guidelines are as follows:

  • Guests should familiarize themselves with ZCLA’s Core Documents: Mission, Vision, and Core Values, the Statement of Right Conduct and Teacher’s Ethics Statement, and the ZCLA Mandala. All overnight guests must show proof of being fully vaccinated and having a minimum of two boosters.  
  • Guests may join in all scheduled periods of zazen and see a teacher in face-to-face interview, which are offered during Zazen periods. The degree of participation is discussed with each guest. Please check the Zen Center’s schedule for Zazen and face-to-face times.
  • Guests are asked to do one hour per week of samu (work practice). If you have limited physical abilities, please inform the Guest Steward.
  • Guests are encouraged to take part in as many of the Zen Center’s programs as possible. Please check the ZCLA website for all activities that are scheduled during the time of your stay.
  • Guests are assigned to a room in one of our guest quarters and must keep their room neat and clean. It is possible you will be sharing a bathroom with other guests and also sharing your room if Sesshin is scheduled during your stay.
  • Guests must refrain from drug and alcohol use on campus. TVs and radios are not permitted in the guest rooms. Weapons are prohibited. Smoking is limited to designated outside areas.
  • A vegetarian kitchen in the Sangha House can be used for preparing meals. Please keep in mind this is a Sangha kitchen and you must clean up after yourself. You will be given shelf space in the walk-in cooler for your food.
  • Wireless Internet access is now available in all of our main buildings.
  • The fee for a one-month Guest stay is $865.00, which is due two weeks before arrival. Guests who stay less than one month are subject to a daily rate of $75.00. Please note: the guest fees do not include meals. Guest fees are subject to change.
  • All guests are held to financial accountability. An additional charge will be assessed for any damages to ZCLA property incurred or caused by a guest.
  • Guests who are not in compliance with the Zen Center regulations will be asked to leave. The Zen Center of Los Angeles and the Guest both have the right to end the guest stay due to unforeseen circumstances. Financial adjustments will be made at the time of departure.

We encourage Guests to regard ZCLA Great Dragon Mountain as you would your home temple. We look forward to practicing with you.

For further information, please contact our Guest Steward.

For the application form, please click here.