Zendo Precautions

These Zendo Precautions were inscribed on a redwood slab by our founding abbot Maezumi Roshi in 1968, the year following the zendo opening. He straightforwardly sets forth the purpose of practice and how to practice.

Many times throughout the years, the redwood slab was retrieved from the Center’s dumpster. Maezumi Roshi himself expressed his reservations about his English. Today, the carving hangs in the Zendo entrance as instruction and inspiration for us all.

Those who wish to realize and actualize the Buddha’s Way are welcome.
Otherwise you better keep out.

Let us be harmonious like milk dissolved in water.
Temporarily, there are the relationships of guests to master and juniors to seniors;
however, eventually all of us will be Buddhas forever.
We should maintain the Buddha-Mind, moment after moment.

Let us not waste time. Time flies swiftly and nothing is dependable.
Reflect upon the transciency of our lives.

Do not blame or criticize others. Do not imitate the falsehood of others,
but nourish your own virtue. Correct errors and do not hate them.

Pertaining to the zendo, necessary matters will be discussed with the Master.
When the decorum of the guests and master relationship gets out of order,
absolute and relative functions will not be actualized.

No talking is allowed in the zendo. No strong scent such as perfume is allowed.
Do not walk in the Zendo with your hands at your side.

Be at home and be comfortable. Let us be respectful to ourselves and others,
as well as to the Buddha.

Our zazen is the zazen of Buddhas.
Transcending both enlightenment and delusion; let us be aware of this very fact.

Let us be selfless and be ourselves and accomplish the Great Four Vows together.

Maha Prajna Paramita
Taizan Hakuyu (Maezumi)
Gassho [1968]