Three Tenets Mala Practice

A practice created by Roshi Egyoku Nakao

♦ What are the Three Tenets?

The Three Tenets were formulated by Roshi Bernie and the founding teachers of the Zen Peacemaker Order in 1997. The Tenets are:

  • Not-Knowing by giving up fixed ideas about yourself, others, and the universe.
  • Bearing Witness to the joy and suffering of the world without attachment or judgment.
  • Taking Action that arises from Not- Knowing and Bearing Witness.

♦ What is the Three Tenets Mala Practice?

The Three Tenets Mala (3TM) is a process mala with a clear framework which centers you in the oneness of life. The mala can be used in any situation. No situation is too big or too small; too serious or too mundane. Use it when you feel stuck and confused, want to express appreciation, are in a challenging situation, or to reflect about an aspect of your life, and so forth.

The practice involves creating a circle of mala beads and then going through each bead in a purposeful and meditative way, the entire process of which is explained below.

♦ How do I put together my own Mala?

The process is very simple. You will need to acquire a short list of materials and then can proceed to assemble the Mala on your own.

Here are the instructions on how to make your Mala.

♦ What is the entire 3TM practice?

Here is a PDF explaining the entire Mala process, including a short summary, to keep with your Mala. For a complete explanation, below is the video of an hour-long class that Roshi Egyoku gave in May of 2021, going through entire process.