Stewards of ZCLA

The Center’s Mandala is composed of Circles, which attend to specific areas important to the Center’s mission and vision. Each Circle has its own statement of purpose and a Steward that assists in its functioning. Working effectively with a view of the whole, and of how our actions affect the whole, are keys to how our Center operates. In addition, every member is regarded as a steward.

The Circles within the Buddha Families are:


  • Head Teacher – Sensei Katherine Senshin Griffith
  • Abbot — Sensei Tom Dharma-Joy Reichert
  • Temple Development Steward  — Darla Myoho Fjeld


  • Teachers Circle
    The TC attends to all matters pertaining to teaching and the development of teachers. Steward: Roshi Egyoku
    For the Statement of Ethics for ZCLA Teachers, click here.
  • Priest Circle
    The Priest Circle, comprised of all Zen priests training at Great Dragon Mountain, trains in priest functions, councils together, and explores the role of a priest.


  • Board of Directors
    The Board attends to the finances, legal matters, and resource development necessary to support the Center’s vision and programs.

    • Sensei Tom Dharma-Joy Reichert, Abbot
    • Patti Muso Giggans, President
    • Bill Earth-Mirror Corcoran, Vice President
    • John Kyogen Rosania, Secretary
    • Frank Genku Martinez, Treasurer & CFO
  • Members
    Darla Myoho Fjeld, Jitsujo Tina Gauthier, Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Bob Kanzan Swan, Nem Etsugen Bajra, Diane True-Joy Fazio, Mark Gensha Miller


  • Buddha Hand Circle
    The BHC attends to the admission, orientation, reviews, and leave-taking of resident trainees. Steward: Reeb Kaizen Venners
  • HEAR Circle — Steward: Dharma-Holder Lorraine Gessho Kumpf
  • Resident Steward
    Resident Steward, Reeb Kaizen Venners, attends to matters pertaining to developing and maintaining a viable resident training community.
  • Shared Stewardship Circle
    The SSC attends to the development of shared stewardship as a training and governance model and holds councils on sangha concerns. Co-Stewards: Darla Myoho Fjeld and Sensei Tom Dharma-Joy Reichert.


  • Brown-Green Circle
    The BGG attends to environmental and ecological matters of concern to the Center. Steward: Lorraine Gessho Kumpf
  • Social Action Loving Action (SALA) Circle
    SALA organizes various projects throughout the year such as volunteering at the LA Food Bank, Guest Speakers on Hunger, neighborhood clean-ups, etc. Co-Stewards:  Tom Yudo Burger and George Mukei Horner.
  • Prayer Chains
    Members who are undergoing health challenges or operations are put on a prayer list.  Steward: Jessica Oetsu Page
  • Incarceration Outreach
    ZCLA has volunteers who serve in the prisons.

Stewardship reports are found in the Members Area.