Cook in the ZCLA Kitchen

The ZCLA kitchen is maintained by three different offices: the Co-Tenzo Coordinators, the Tenzo Resource Person, and the Volunteer Cooks. Each of these positions is considered a training element of Shared Stewardship. Most members start their support of the kitchen by volunteering to cook meals, either on Sundays or during training periods like Zazenkai or Sesshin.

For more information and guidelines for Sunday lunch volunteering, please click here.

Practitioners who have a special interest in kitchen activities, or in deepening their involvement in the Shared Stewardship process, are encouraged to step up to an eight-month term as a Co-Tenzo Coordinator. For more information check here.

The Tenzo Resource Person is an experienced practitioner who holds the wisdom of the kitchen for an undefined period of time. This position is usually held by one of the ZCLA residents. For more information check here.

If you are interested in supporting a Zazenkai or a Sesshin, please contact the Program Steward.