Indigenous Ally Workshop Series

Want to work as an ally to Indigenous people?

Workshop 1:

Getting to Know the Land and Impacts of Colonization in Los Angeles.

Thursday, June 20 • 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Facilitated by Jo Parker

In-person Only


How can uninvited settlers on Indigenous lands transform colonial violence to become good guests and allies?  Indigenous communities are very busy healing from the harms of colonization and revitalizing their heritage ways of life, so settlers must do their work to lay foundations for constructive work with Native Nations. This workshop series will introduce participants to ways to change behaviors, self-educate, pursue personal growth, and develop skills needed to enter into right relationships with Indigenous communities in the Los Angeles region. After completing the workshop series, participants will be prepared to begin collective collaboration benefiting Indigenous communities in concrete ways shaped by Indigenous leadership and their community goals.


Workshop 2:  Twenty-first Century Indigenous Los Angeles and Your Ancestral Homelands. (Day/Time: TBD)

Workshop 3: Relearning Collective Practices and Preparing for Indigenous Allyship (Day/Time: TBD)


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This class is offered free of charge. Please consider offering a donation in support of the Tongva Land Conservancy. You may submit a donation via this portal or directly to the Kuuy Nahwá’a: Guest Exchange.

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Jo Parker is an uninvited settler of European ancestry and has collaborated with the Tongva and other Indigenous communities in the Los Angeles area for fifteen years.  He has experience leading workshops in anti-racist and decolonial practices, California native plant uses, and in Indigenous allyship skills.  He retired in 2020 from a career teaching and publishing in Intercultural Studies at Pitzer College.