Three Steps to Mindfulness

Three Steps to Mindfulness

Continuous, clear awareness of the present moment.

Saturday, November 4


Led by Roshi Ryodo Hawley

Zoom & In-person

The Three Step method is a roadmap to a mindful life based on the experience of unity that is the foundation of Zen. In this one-day workshop we’ll learn to find this realm of unity where there are no boundaries, no lack and no contention, then integrate it with our “normal” states of mind. This process transforms our everyday experience of life and results in a mindfulness that lets us live in a dynamic way directly inspired by the living moment rather than being unconsciously driven by our fears, worries and fantasies.

We’ll spend class time learning the steps and sit several periods of zazen putting them into practice. The intent is to be able to retrace these steps at will in zazen and everyday life. We also look at how the Steps dovetail with the Three Zen Peacemaker Tenets and other Buddhist practices.

Includes lunch, zazen, and face-to-face meeting with Roshi.


Roshi Ryodo has offered classes and workshops on the Three Step Zen method at ZCLA, to other dharma groups over zoom, as continuing education for California therapists, and as a California prison offering.

What participants have said:

“So much information about the topic of Mindfulness is available – however, this course really connected the dots for me and provided me with a true ‘AHA’ moment.”

“Learned more about Mindfulness than all of the other books I have ever read or workshops taken. Thank you Roshi Ryodo .”

“This is one of the best mindfulness training classes I’ve ever taken. The Three Steps are practical and direct.”

Zoom Participants:

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In-person Participants: 

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Roshi Kipp Ryodo Hawley is a lineage holder in the White Plum school of Japanese/American Zen. He has practiced Zen for 45 years and was certified as an independent teacher by Roshi Egyoku Nakao of the Zen Center of Los Angeles in 2007. He is the originator of the Three Step Zen method, which he has taught since 2002, and currently serves as President of the White Plum Asanga, the affinity group of the dharma successors and descendants of Taizan Maezumi Roshi.