2022 Fall Jukai Class Series

Led by Reverend Tom Dharma-Joy Reichert, Sensei George Baido Mukei Horner & Dharma-Holder Lorraine Gessho Kumpf

2 Saturdays
November 19 & December 17
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Zoom Only

In this two-class series, we will explore jukai – receiving the Zen Bodhisattva Precepts and vowing to live an awakened life.  We will pay attention to our lineage and ancestors, with special attention to ZCLA’s founders, founding family and our teachers’ teachers.  We will also look at the practices of Gassho and bowing, and the Verse of the Kesa.  Finally, we will consider the requirements to receive jukai, the rakusu, and the ceremony itself.

If you wish to receive jukai, this is a required class, but our exploration will encompass more than the ceremony, and everyone is welcome to join us.  The pre-requisite is to have taken the precept class at some point before this. Deadline to register is Thursday, November 18.

Fee: $40 for Members • $70 for Non-Members


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Reverend Dharma-Joy first came to ZCLA in 1999. He received Jukai in 2001, Novice Priest Ordination (Tokudo) in August 2011 and full Priest/Preceptor Empowerment (Denkai) in August 2019, all from Roshi Egyoku. He was named a Dharma-Holder in June 2020 and was installed as ZCLA’s Head Priest and Preceptor (Jūshoku) in April 2022.

Sensei George Mukei Horner is a teacher in residence at the Zen Center of Los Angeles, where he has been a member since 1984. He is also the Zendo Steward, overseeing the training of service positions for the meditation hall, and an instructor for various classes offered at ZCLA.

Dharma-Holder Lorraine Gessho Kumpf has been a ZCLA member since 1978. She is a Preceptor and a Dharma Holder. As the Senior Resident, her role is to promote the Resident Training Program and encourage community practice in all forms. She is the Steward of the HEAR Circle, which is concerned with ethics policies and practices in the Sangha, and instructs various classes offered at ZCLA.