12 Step and Zen Buddhism Workshop

12 Step and Zen Buddhism Workshop

Saturday, August 5


Led by Jessica Oetsu Page

Zoom & In-person

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$40 for Members; $60 for Non-Members


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12 Step recovery has powerfully transformed hundreds of thousands of lives.  The 12 Steps describe what people can do to free themselves from destructive behavior.  12 Step programs are spiritual programs.  The language in 12 Step literature tends to sound theistic, although it also emphasizes that people should find their own higher power, one that works for them.  This workshop will explore how Zen Buddhism works with the 12 Steps.

We intend to hold three workshops a year, each looking at the topic from different perspectives.  First: looking at the 12 Steps, 4 noble truths, 8-fold path and 16 Zen Precepts.  Seeing how they match up, or not.  Second: The 12 Steps and mindfulness. Living in the now and mindfulness practices.  Working with intrusive thoughts and feelings.  Third:  12 Steps and the three bases of Buddhism, i.e., impermanence, no solid self, and emptiness (interdependent co-arising).  Looking into the changing nature of reality.  Seeing beyond the illusion of a solid self.  Freedom from being locked into what you have been or what has happened to you.