Midsummer Mindfulness Online Sesshin
A 3.5-day meditation retreat
(held via Zoom)
Led by Roshi Ryodo and Sensei Kyobai Faith-Mind

Wednesday, July 21 (eve) through Sunday, July 25 (midday)


“Practitioners, this is the direct path for the purification of beings, for the surmounting of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and grief, for the attainment of the true way, for the realization of Nirvana – namely the four foundations of mindfulness.”

Zen practice is filled with mindfulness practices, though until recently we haven’t called them as such. Throughout the day during sesshin we carefully attend to rituals, samu and ceremonies as well as our zazen. This Midsummer Mindfulness Sesshin will give us an opportunity to dig into this “direct path for the attainment of the true way”, which is the seventh factor of the Buddhist Eightfold Path, and balance it with zazen, which is the eighth factor.

Our daily recitation will be excerpts from The Foundations of Mindfulness, or Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, and dharma talks will be on this fundamental teaching as well as the Cycle of Mindfulness Roshi Ryodo has been teaching and practicing for nearly two decades. Sesshin will also include zazen periods, service, a closing circle, and face-to-face opportunities with Roshi Ryodo and Sensei Faith-Mind for registered participants. You will have time to eat, walk and do your own samu at home, then link back into the sesshin schedule.

July Sesshin Schedule

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