2020 Rohatsu Sesshin


Sunday, December 6 (eve) – Sunday, December 13 (noon)
Led by Roshi Egyoku, Sensei Kizan Shogen and Sensei Daiki Senshin

“Sesshin” means “to collect one’s heart-mind.” This online sesshin commemorates the Buddha’s enlightenment, traditionally designated as having occurred on Rohatsu (“eighth day, twelfth month”) and is considered the most important sesshin of our year. Sesshin is highly recommended for deepening one’s practice. The schedule includes zazen, chanting, Face-to-Face meetings with Roshi and other teachers, dharma talks and time for work and rest.

Rohatsu Sesshin 2020 schedule

If you are doing part-time, please email Senshin at programsteward@zcla.org which days you will be doing.

$40 per day for Members; $65 a day for Non-Members.  

$280 Full-time for Members; $455 Full-time for Non-Members

(If you have concerns about payments or any other questions, please contact programsteward@zcla.org)