2020 Golden Wind Sesshin


Sunday, October 11 (eve) – Sunday, October 18 (mid-morning)

Everyone is invited to participate in this six and a half day online sesshin (meditation retreat). If you are doing part-time, please email Senshin at programsteward@zcla.org which days you will be doing.

$40 per day for Members; $65 a day for Non-Members.

(If you have concerns about payments, please contact programsteward@zcla.org)

Led by Roshi Egyoku, Sensei Kizan Shogen & Sensei Daiki Senshin

This retreat will include dharma talks, zazen periods, group chants, services and face-to-face opportunities with the teachers. You will have time to eat, walk and do your own samu (work) at home, then link back into the sesshin schedule.  This particular sesshin will culminate in the Head Trainee Hossen (Dharma Combat) of Rosa Ando Martinez.

Click here to view the schedule.

If you have any question, please reach out to programsteward@zcla.org.