Program: Year-End Sesshin

Dates: December 26, 2022 - December 30, 2022


This form must be completed and returned to confirm your space on this retreat.

Instructions:please complete this form by filling out all areas. You can use the "tab" key on your keyboard or point and click to move from one field to the next. When completed, click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the page. If you have questions, call Senshin at (213) 387-2351 Wed. - Fri. 9:30a.m. - 5p.m. Your application must be submitted no later than one week before the retreat starts.


Contact Information


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Room Assignment Information (multi-day retreats)
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ZCLA is in the middle of Los Angeles. If you are a light sleeper, remember to bring earplugs.

Previous Experience
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Retreat Information
During sesshin we use Oryoki bowls for traditional Zen meals. If you don't have an Oryoki set you can purchase one in our bookstore or rent one for $15.00.
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Do you need to rent an Oryoki set ($15)?
If not, you can or will need to purchase an oryoki set at the ZCLA bookstore ($45-55).
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Medical/Emergency Information - Required for non-members
Emergency Contact Person
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Answers to the following questions are necessary to help determine whether or not participation in a sesshin will aggravate a serious physical condition, endanger a participant's health, or affect the smooth functioning of the sesshin. Therefore, it is extremely important that all information be complete, current, specific, and clearly stated.

Have you recently had symptoms of headache, dizziness, palpitation, or shortness of breath associated with practicing meditation? Yes No
If yes, please specify:

Are there any current physical, psychological, medical or other conditions that may affect your participation in sesshin? Yes No
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I agree to maintain a daily sitting practice from the time of this application through the sesshin. I will participate to the extent I have specified above. I understand that my physical, mental, and emotional well-being are my own reponsibility and understand that practice is not a substitute for therapy. I am receiving treatment for any medical or psychological condition(s) that I have, and I have revealed all pertinent information on this form. I am capable of undertaking the rigors of sesshin at this time. I will sign a waiver releasing ZCLA from accident and injury liability.      I agree      I disagree